For business aircraft operators planning a trip to Vietnam, it’s recommended to always work through your 3rd-party provider or local ground handler to arrange aviation fuel with sufficient notice (usually 24 hours). On site request for fuelling may cause delay even if Crew have fuel card in hand (such as UVair card, AV card, MS card)
AVgas is not available at airports in Vietnam but it can be arranged and confirmed case by case through an agent in Vietnam.
Your local handling agent should be informed of refueling on arrival so they can coordinate with the local fuel supplier in advance to avoid delay.

Fuel payment

Aviation fuel cards, fuel releases, cash (USD or local currency), and ground handler credit are accepted for fuel payment.

Auxiliary services

Any auxiliary services will need to be arranged before the crew arrives to avoid delays. Crew and passenger transportation should be confirmed with your ground handler in advance so that transport companies can be updated on estimated time of arrival. For last-minute requests, there may be delays (for example, in organizing fuel uplift).

Catering service

Catering service is available at main airport such as VVTS/ VVNB or VVDN with prior request. Catering at these airports is at medium quality. It is suggested to arrange catering at 5 star hotel’s restaurant.

Aircraft parking durations:

At most airports, aircrafts are parked at the same parking bay on arrival without moving to other parking. But for VVNB, aircrafts required to tow to other parking are. At VVTS, aircraft with MTOW above 50 tons required to move to another parking area if staying more than 4 days.

What type of security is in place?

All airports in Vietnam are security monitored arranged by airport authority. Unarmed private security is not permitted. If you require an armed security service at the ramp, this is can be done at main airports in Vietnam such as VVTS/ VVNB and VVDN and this will take additional charges.

Is ramp access difficult to arrange?

Security clearance to access the ramp takes one working day to approve. Copy of crew’s passport required for the paperwork.

Understand procedures for clearing customs

There is no FBO in Vietnam’s airports. Customs/ immigration clearance onboard the aircraft is not available. Passengers and Crew must clear at the main aviation terminal. At VVNB and VVTS, there is VIP lounge service for passengers where customs and immigration available. This VIP service at VVNB and VVTS is optional and shall be arranged by your ground handling agent, and this takes additional charges.

Local transportation options are the same at all airports

Taxis, pre-paid transportation with driver are available at all airports in Vietnam.

Know procedures for engine start up and departure

All engine start-ups must be approved by air traffic control. Especially at VVTS, most aircraft must be pushed back for departure, and tow bar is provided by VVTS airport. If VVTS does not have a tow bar suitable for your aircraft, then your aircraft will be on engine start ups.

Consider certain items when planning a tech stop

For tech stops, jet fuel must be arranged in advance. This can be done through direct arrangement with local fuel supplier or through your handling agent. A tech stop with no crew or passengers arriving or departing not required customs and immigration. A copy of computerized flight plan with Captain’s signature ready on arrival will save times for a tech stop.

Infrastructure is good at main airports (VVTS/VVNB/VVDN) but hangar space is not available.

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